What to expect in class

Every child will approach this experience in his or her own style and at his own pace.  Don’t be discouraged when your child isn’t actively joining in, or prefers to sit back and observe the activities that the group is doing.  In the classroom is where children as well as their adults are absorbing and experiencing new ideas.  You'll soon find that the children often practice these ideas once they get home.  An important fact to remember is that your role is to facilitate and participate by participating and having fun in class yourself. 

Pease keep your child at home if there is any chance they could be spreading contagious illness, especially if there is coughing, sneezing, very runny nose, etc. 

Waterless hand washing gel, and antiseptic spray are always available in the classroom.  Feel free to use any of these materials at any time during or after class. 

If your child is crying, you may choose to step out for a few minutes to help your child calm down.  Feel free to use your own discretion in deciding how to help your crying child.

Happy music-making!  We're looking forward to seeing you in class!